Ozine Fest 2016

Mokatokki 2016 Post 0007 Ozine Fest

Mokatokki and Popo will be bringing lots of new kawaii items to the Ozine Fest this April 15-17 at the SMX Convention Center! ヾ(。^ω^。)ノ They’re very excited to show you the cutest notebooks, pins, stickers and a lot more! Hope to see you there! o((*^▽^*))o


What is Popo?


“What is Popo?” a lot of people asked. To end all the confusion, we’ve made a simple diagram to show exactly what Popo is. He’s not a tapioca or a chewed up bubblegum, but a strawberry flavored mochi and Mokatokki’s best friend! (*^_^*)/\(*^_^*)