Coffee not working…

Coffee not working

Sometimes Mokatokki feels so sleepy, even coffee can’t keep him awake.

Time to get some sleep, Mokatokki.( ̄、 ̄@)zzz

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Rainy Day

Mokatokki Post 0010 It’s been raining and raining and raining. We haven’t posted anything lately, probably because too much rain. But we’re still here to remind you to always bring an umbrella. In Japan, there are a lot of different kinds of umbrellas. There are big ones, small ones, colorful ones, lacy ones, and see-through ones. Take your pick. We like the see-through ones because you can see where you are going while your head is tucked inside.

You will never know when it will rain. Sunny day in the morning, rainy day in the afternoon. The weather has been strange lately. Well, don’t let the rain stop you from finishing anything. If it rains, have a good warm cup of mocha. It never fails! 🙂

Cool for School

Mokatokki Post 0009 School is definitely something. It’s a place where you can learn and have fun with friends. Are you wondering why Mokatokki and Popo are wearing matching bright yellow hats and bags? In Japan, school kids are required to wear these to be easily spotted in a crowd. They also wear these so that drivers can easily see them and avoid road accidents.

See? You can learn something new everyday 🙂 Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend!


Mokatokki Makes My Day

Mokatokki Post 0008 Each day is a challenge and we have different ways to comfort ourselves. In Japan, we love coffee drinks. Coffee drinks don’t only keep you awake during important meetings and work, it also fills you with happiness and energy.

Mocha drink is one of the most popular ones, you can order them from restaurants, maid cafes, and even from the most popular coffee shop in Japan. Iced mocha drink makes our day!