I’m Weird, But I’m Myself

Ever experience a situation when everybody seem to notice something different about you? For some reason you feel weird, right? That’s okay. You should stop thinking too much and just focus at the task at hand. Being yourself is important as it keeps the essence of who you really are. Acting like some other person just takes you far away from your true colors… Then soon you become black and white.

Mokatokki Post 0015


If you worry that some people might not like you, don’t fret! For sure you will find someone of equivalent wavelength and you will be good friends. Putting a mask on is only useful for certain situations like business meetings and formal events. But to be truly happy is to have no masks.

It is Mokatokki’s personal experience too. Especially on Mondays when everyone seems to weird. Because every Monday everybody becomes a weirdo. Maybe people drink too much coffee, too much caffeine.



Remember to keep calm,

Be yourself,

Be a weirdo in your own right,

And this too shall pass 。◕‿◕。


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