It’s Nice to Hang Out

During the middle of the week, the stress and pressure of more and more responsibilities come in. At the same time we start anticipating the weekend. Sometimes tiring, sometimes exciting. Different views for everyone. But it is life and you can totally control how you want it to go. What’s one way to relieve midweek stress? Hang out with FRIENDS! A nice conversation with them is like drinking hot chocolate during the cold winter months, we guarantee! ✧(  ु•⌄• )◞◟( •⌄• ू )✧

Mokatokki 05 Totoro Tea Party

Mokatokki enjoys the company of Totoro Plushie and Chibi Rei during their reading club session and empty jar viewing. For some reason empty jars are currently a fashion trend, being used in photoshoots and interior design. Mokatokki fancies being trendy.

By the way, wonder what’s in the red box Totoro-chan is sitting on?

(^・ω・^ )


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